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PVC Pipe
J-M Manufacturing
North America Pipe Co.
Diamond Plastics
Pipe-Life, Jet Stream Plastics

Ductile Iron Pipe
McWane CI Pipe

Valves and Fire Hydrants
American Flow Control
Clow Valve Co.
Kennedy Valve Co.
M & H Valve Co.
U.S. Pipe

Clamps and Couplings
Smith-Blair, Inc.
Powerseal Pipe Products
Romac Industries

Waterworks Brass
Ford Meter Box
Cambridge Brass (Hays Brass)
A.Y. McDonald

D.I. MJ and Flange Fittings
Sigma Corp.
Star Pipe Products
U.S. Pipe
Tyler Pipe
American CI Pipe

Fabricated D.I. Pipe
Fast Fabricators

Backflow Prevention
Ames Co.
Wilkins Regulators
Watts Regulators

Casing Spacer
Advance Products
RACI Spacers

Joint Restaints
EBAA Iron Works
Star Pipe Products
Ford Meter Box
Midland Manufacturing

Water Meters
Badger Meter Inc.

Meter Boxes
Carson Industries
DFW Plastics

Air Valves
Crispin Valve
Val-Matic Valve

HDPE Poly Storm Pipe
Hancor Pipe

Plastic Sewer Fittings
GPK Products
Plastic Trends

Copper Tubing
Cambridge-Lee Industry

Rubber Couplings
Indiana Seal Co.
Fernco Products

Neenah Foundry
Deeter Foundry
East Jordan Iron Works

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